The Athlete’s Therapeutic Massage

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For Athletes, Massage therapy is not a luxury,
it is a necessity.

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Therapeutic massage has been around since before recorded time. The benefits have been uncovered slowly, and by many cultures around the world. Pain may be a part of life but in many cases, massage therapy can provide relief, sometimes permanent relief from pain. Before having surgery, I suggest you consult a qualified LCMT. I have ended carpal tunnel for many people, rotator cuff issues for others. Plantar fasciitis doesn’t have to keep you down either and you can stop it from ever bothering you again.
Please give therapy a chance before believing you couldn’t let a man massage you or that it wouldn’t work for you or even worse, committing to surgery.

The massage I perform differs from a spa like experience because focus work on specific problem areas is a priority. Releasing the tension that causes the pain using a “hurts so good” technique. Deep tissue work is not expected to relax in the moment but rather stimulate healing, promote blood flow and a better mind-body connection for the athletes as well as relax the whole muscular system. This will produce endorphins that bring on a calm and peace within the body. This is not your trainer’s massage, nor is it a fluff and buff session. You’ll consider yourself lucky to have found someone with hands like mine. I was given the nickname “The Knot Whisperer” by a Patriots player with whom I worked and it stuck.

My goal is to help every athlete reach higher and make greater strides. Injuries are common among athletes but they can be reduced and in many cases prevented. If an injury is sustained, I can promote healing, loosen fascia that has become rigid and prevent more injuries through a postural/kinesthetic assessment and training.

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